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The Feral Diagram: Graffiti and Street Art


The print is 16.5354" tall x 11.4173" wide (42cm x 29cm), color offset print, on glossy poster paper.

EKG LABS is the exclusive US distributor of the offset-printed poster of Daniel Feral's "Graffiti and Street Art" diagram. To order in Europe, visit the Gamma Proforma store: http://bit.ly/SlJCdi (copy and paste the URL into your browser).

It may take me up to two weeks to fulfill your order. If you are overseas then you might be waiting a month for delivery. i apologize in advance. I'm doing my best to keep up. Thank you for your patience.

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THE FERAL DIAGRAM: GRAFFITI AND STREET ART is an homage to and celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Alfred H. Barr’s diagram on Cubism and Abstract Art, which he created as the first director of the MoMA. The Feral Diagram picks up where the Barr Diagram leaves off. It depicts how graffiti and street art have moved to the center of art history and articulates how they have influenced and been influenced by the other major movements and artists in the fine art community. The Feral Diagram first appeared in the March 29, 2011 press release for the “Pantheon: A history of art from the streets of NYC” exhibition in the Donnell Library space across from the MoMA in Manhattan. It went viral as a point of discussion and contention, being reblogged thousands of times and liked, disliked or commented on tens of thousands of times. On April 1st, the day before the opening of Pantheon, the MOCA in Los Angeles contacted co-curators Daniel Feral and Joyce Manalo about carrying the diagram as a poster in the bookstore during their exhibition Art in the Streets, opening April 17th. They sold a hundred a month during the four month run. Within those walls, US cultural history changed course as graffiti and street art for the first time were bestowed main stream cultural value through institutional recognition: The Vandals were mythologized and The Institution was vandalized. We were honored to be included. Thank you to our friends and compatriots who we shared time with in NYC and LA during that time. Special thanks for the talents and consultation of co-curator Joyce Manalo and designer Karla Henrick. If not for Joyce, the diagram would have remained a sketch in a folder and not been given the critical and editorial attention it needed. If not for Karla, the diagram and the catalog would not have been so beautifully designed and brilliantly executed. Other Diagram 1.0 consultants: Charlie Ahearn, John Fekner, Toofly, El Celso. Diagram 2.0: Poesia Transcend, Carlos Rodriguez aka Mare139, Natalie Hegert, Lukas Fuchsgruber, Becki Fuller, Katherine Lorimer, Enrico Letter, and Rhiannon Platt.

THE FERAL DIAGRAM 2.0 is the second edition of “The Feral Diagram: Graffiti and Street Art” published on the occasion of the FUTURISM 2.0: SYMMETRY ACROSS CENTURIES exhibition, Sept. 27, 2012, Blackall Studios, London, UK. The exhibition features twenty-one artists who are loosely connected under the term “Graffuturism,” and is
produced and curated by Rob Swain of Gamma Proforma. The exhibition acknowledges the one hundredth anniversary of Futurism, as well as the synchronicity of the birth of Graffuturism a century later. Daniel Feral added the historical thread Abstract Graffiti-to- Graffuturism, as well as some other historical items that were overlooked in the first version. The exhibition featured the artists: Augustine Kofie, Phil Ashcroft, Boris Tellegen, She One, Matt W. Moore, Mark Lyken, Sat One, Derek Bruno, Moneyless, Mr. Jago, Nawer, O. Two, Morten Andersen, Part2ism, Jaybo Monk, Divine Styler, Poesia, Derm, Jerry Inscoe aka Joker, Clemens Behr, Remi/Rough, Mare139.

TOP: Box of Feral Diagram 1.0 posters that were on display at Fountain Art Fair 2012 in the Mighty Tanaka Gallery booth.
MIDDLE: The Feral Diagram 2.0 which is what is for sale here.
BOTTOM: Charlie Ahearn, the writer/director of "Wild Style," dropped by Feral's booth at the 2011 New York Art Book Fair.

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