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TESTIMONY: EKG, Writing Degree Oblivion


TESTIMONY: EKG, Writing Degree Oblivion (an autobiographic theoretical essay) [abridged]

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This is the third printing of TESTIMONY. it was printed in august 2014 in an edition of 33 copies. the first printing was originally released at the Brooklyn Zine Fest in 2013 and the second at the beginning of 2014. I have made minor edits and added an epilogue and mini-manifesto to this edition. It is a 16-page, 50", 2-sided accordion fold zine, printed on a color copy machine. On one side, it has a color photo-collage of connected pulses across the urban semiotosphere; and, on the other side, an abridged version of my essay called TESTIMONY: EKG, Writing Degree Oblivion. It's a ratty, crooked, little thing but still makes a good diorama to stand up on a shelf.

You can read the first three paragraphs at the end of this entry. Photo at right shows three copies of the zine: The beginning and the end of collage side, plus text from the essay side.

Mostly by EKG, except: century22 (yellow van), jessyonfire (guys on stoop), Yoav Litvin (Cost and EKG tags on gate), Aimee Becker (williamsburg bridge bumpers).

TEXT (first 3 paragraphs):
genesis in the semiotosphere, spreading across the new cityscape in the late nineteen-sixties, the tag arrives as the original modern illegal aesthetic manifestation. simple and powerful, fast and portable, cheap and direct, dubbed “writing” by the writers themselves, overtime becoming more universally known as “graffiti,” this simple mark, the primitive shout, the protester’s fist, heavy metal’s devil-horns salute, #occupy’s anonymous mask, a quick effective and direct transmission, a rambunctious and unapologetic symbol on a mission to make a connection utilizing guerrilla broadcast tactics, rippling resonance throughout the aether with minimal risk and maximum impact on populace, an all-city marked geographic territory suggesting massive vision and limitless strength, an infinitude of geographically dispersed illegal marks delineating the boundaries of an entity, circumscribing its outer planes, the ghostly silhouette of a omnipresent-presence with a sense of engaging omniscience, a mythological semiotic entity as anonymous mysterious heroic and big as the imagination of the receiver

this intention, transmitted within the core of any illegal public aesthetic manifestation, inherently questioning the dominant system, challenging all structure and control, like this textual space in relation to this context, hacked spliced rechanneled onto a rebellious literary trajectory in order to create a theoretical and philosophical construction, a concrete metaphor representing it’s content, a pyre of signs fuming, a crystal ball snow globe sparkling boiling and churning, a television channel of blinking flowing static that makes sense as language on some other perceptual level, more personal theoretical subjective-analytical, a smoky visage illuminated by laptop-blue-glow contours fluctuating like a mist in the windowpane superimposing our sparking faces over the glowing circuitry of the urban grid, a brilliant map of bio-data movements and economics, as shimmering in its self-involvement as in its frenetic activity, the populace speaks in sparks and curves, anomalies and trajectories, irruptions and comets

a functionally-autistic empathic transmissionary semiotic relay tower wraith, rendered in sparking snowy static, a multi-dimensional log running equations, raining-down and wafting-up in vertical singularity and tumescence, ignited by biochemical neurological censures and wormy cerebral tendrils, rendered by the dusty schematic scroll, a blurry data feed streaming back-and-forth within the neuro-electrical semiotic interstitial space, triggering behavioral mechanizations and aesthetic visions, protocols embedded in the machinery of transmission, the demiurgent gears and cogs of the aether, metallic intestines rendered by star-delineated figures in an astronomical map of the heavens, between analytically-derived emotional algorithms and fragile visionary illuminations, singular aesthetic forms connecting, shimmering streaming rippling with the resonance of emanating transmissions signals heartbeats pulses, neurons firing, galaxies igniting, universe born…