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Smells907 + EKG Silkscreen


Two-color silkscreen
Print run of 33
11" x 17"
Archival black paper
Sept 2014

Smells is one of NYC's hard-hitting graffiti writers, especially well-known for massive rollers in Brooklyn and key transportation hubs around NYC, Philly and Boston. He's been writing since his late teens and recently become a member of the 907 crew. 907 is one of the longest running NJ/NYC crews in existence for 25 years, currently head by UFO, and has become known for quirky, experimental, Outsider Graffiti. Other members include Droid, Oze108, Gen2, Hest, Wolftits, Goya. Smells does not have his own internet presence but you can find lots of photos of his work by searching online.