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EKG Modular Sticker System


One uncut and one hand-cut EKG bumper sticker. You can specify the shapes you'd like me to cut in the notes section of your order, but i'm not guaranteeing it. If you don't want me to cut any of them, so you can cut them yourself, write that in the notes. if you want me to cut both, you can specify that too. This is a two-color sticker printed on vinyl, with weather and UV-resistant coating. The orange was special ordered to match PMS 021 Orange.

i'm always down to trade for
doesn't have to be graff related.
email me a photo, production
notes, and what it's about.
ekglabs@ymail.com (not gmail)

It may take me up to two weeks to fulfill your order. If you are overseas then you might be waiting a month for delivery. i apologize in advance, but I'm doing my best to keep up. Thank you for your patience.