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+++++ INTERFERENCE ELIMINATOR ++++++++++++++++ by Stikman & Ekg. Signed, Stamped, Doodled, Collaged.


by Stikman+Ekg

Option C: Signed+Stamped+Doodled+Collaged Scroll in the Pneumatic Stealth Tube.

For this totally customized package,
the scroll has been:
(1) Signed by Stikman and Ekg.
(2) Stamped with Stikman's personal
collection of archival-ink stamps.
(3) Doodled on by Ekg with orange
pencils, orange Sharpie, + white-out pen.
(4) Collaged by Stikman with
Stikman stickers.

2"x9" solid cardboard tube. Glossy black and then spray painted with a smattering of matte black just for that extra grime. Also spray painted white caps black. Customized with mini-Stickman wheat paste, a title label, and a hand-drawn Ekg pulse.

This is an off-set print of an original drawing/collage collaboration on an old "Il Trovatore" player piano scroll that was laying around in Stikman's studio. During an extended stay in his hometown, Ekg suggested to Stikman that they do a zine together, but rather than sticking to the standard booklet-style format, they decided to use the player piano scroll, which already expressed themes present in both artists' work. For Stikman, the scroll becomes another cultural artifact-as-environment for him to live in, subsume and embody, creating an ever-expanding equivalence between his mutating omnipresent character and all other physical forms. For Ekg, the player piano scroll becomes a landscape of code and aesthetic circuitry, a system of mechanical impulses that instigate resonance, vibrations, signals, heartbeats, pulses, waves, blips.

Scroll printed in an edition of a 1000.
Hand numbered on the back X/1000.
Offset print, full-color, two-sided.
80lb uncoated text stock paper.
9 feet long by 7inches tall: three separate sheets of basically equal length bonded with archival permanent-bond affixed by an ekg sticker.